Great traders are not born traders, they are actually made. Trained & equipped with the right set of tools, any one can become a great trader. That is precisely the theme of this blog-site.

This is a blog for the majority in the Stock / Forex trading universe – the retail investors who trade Forex, stocks, futures and options (and who always seem to end up on the wrong side of the trade). One major aspect of trading that is generally ignored by a vast majority of traders is Risk Management. In my 20+ years of experience trading the markets, I have seen both sides of the coin – the painful losses during my initial years when I did not care to include risk management as a part of my trading strategy, as well as the gains I started making when I decided to apply risk management principles to every one of my trades.  Trading without risk-managing was an expensive learning process but it did help me realize how one could become a successful trader by adapting Risk Management techniques assiduously.

Through this blog, I intend to provide some insights on markets, trading and the risk management techniques, based on what I have learnt over many years. I am also interested in coaching / training traders on risk management & other soft skills needed to become successful (please visit the “Services” page for details). Hopefully, some of you can gain out of it without having to go through an expensive learning process like I did.

If you wish to read my regular posts & quick updates on the stocks I follow, please click on the following links:



Disclaimer: Trading in Forex & Stocks carries very high risk. I am not an investment adviser. This blog is not meant to be an advisory blog but is a medium of expression for me to share my thoughts with a larger audience. All opinions, thoughts & trade ideas are for informational purpose only. They are not my trade recommendations. Trade at your own risk.

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