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Markets carry high uncertainty & risks. Though we are all here to win,  trading is not about being right all the time but about protecting / maximizing our wins, cutting our losses & improving our overall returns by –

(a) Adapting a proper trading strategy

(b) Formulating a trade plan that has the right set-up &  an ideal Risk-Reward element

(c) Exercising discipline with Risk Management techniques

By following a rules-based trading system that covers all the three elements listed above, one can be a consistent winner. If you are interested in learning more about this Trading & Risk Management System you may want to check out this program below.

Online training program on Trading & Risk Management Strategies

What can one learn from this program? This program is all about learning to build a sound trading strategy,  understanding chart basics,, using charts to identify trade set ups, developing trade plans with the right entries, exits & stops, and most importantly learning the principles and techniques of Risk Management as well as its application to real time trading.

Who is this program for? This program is for novice & intermediate level traders

What is the goal of this program? The goal is to apply what we learn about Risk Management (a key area that is ignored by many) to cut down loss making trades, improve the overall odds of winning using the right set-ups and increase the overall profits from trading

1. Introduction to Risk Management in Trading
2. Basics of charts & a few key technical indicators                                                                       3. Using charts to develop a Trading Strategy                                                                                   4. Identifying trade set ups, Planning the Trade & Trading the Plan                                         5. Managing Trading Risks the right way
– Rules and Application of Risk Management Technique                                                               – Preventive Risk Management
– Corrective / Proactive Risk Management
6. The Final takeaways

For the latest class schedule, please email with the subject line “Risk Management Training Program”

Medium: Online, instructor led classes with interactive sessions                                                   Number of Hours: Total 7 hours spread over 3 sessions
    Maximum number of participants per class: 10

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