Bitcoin and alt coins – update

Here is a compilation of all the charts / forecasts that I posted on Twitter / StockTwits on the 3rd & 4th of March 2018:

Bitcoin (BTC): Break-out chart, looks good for the bulls

Bitcoin March 3 2018

Ethereum (ETH) Bulls need to quickly reclaim the 50 DMA. Else, in trouble

Ethereum March 4 2018

Litecoin (LTC) – At current prices, may give better returns than ETH in the short run

Litecoin March 4 2018.PNG

Ripple (XRP): Break out of consolidation or a break down?

Ripple March 4 2018

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Entrepreneur, management consultant, blogger & forecaster. Founder of Flourish Research Media that provides insights on markets, trading strategies & risk management. Currently an active trader with 20+ years of experience trading Forex, Stocks & Options. Areas of interest: Trend / Swing trading, Macro-tech analysis, building trading strategies, deploying Risk Management techniques, and helping / coaching traders to become successful traders. Twitter link:      
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