Crypto 15k (Apr 15 update)

Crypto 15k Portfolio – update as of April 15, 2018

First, let us review some latest charts (price forecasts wherever applicable, are for the next 2-4 weeks)

BTC – The 6600 level stood firm and the the first breakout above the bearish trend line happened at 8000. But before the next one happens, BTC will face tremendous selling pressure. The second breakout level is at 9600. If BTC doesn’t reverse in the 8600-9600 zone, a break above 9600 should target 12,000 in my opinion.

Bitcoin Apr 15 2018 (2)

LTC – somehow, I feel the 4 Hour chart has been working better in the case of Litecoin, for whatever reason. Looking bullish but faces resistance at the 200 MA (4 HR). If 136 breaks, great potential for 175 in quick time.

Litecoin Apr 16 2018

ETH – bullish on the 4 Hour chart, bearish on the daily chart. So, it is a toss up right now but I expect a run to 560 zone at least before any drop.

Ethereum April 16 2018

XRP & XLM – both are exhibiting patterns that are similar to ETH (bearish on the daily but bullish on the 4 HR). Keeping fingers crossed for now.

Now let us move on to the portfolio update (as of April 15, 2018)

No changes to the portfolio in the last 2 weeks.  Status quo from April 2 maintained, with those 2 buy orders pending (but I do wish & hope we don’t see those prices again). Meanwhile, glad that BTC and other cryptos have gone up from Apr 2 levels.

Portfolio as of Apr 15, 2018  (not planning to sell any of these for the next 2-3 months unless prices go compellingly high)

0.50 BTC at 8400 avg                                 4200  (to add another 1/3 if it drops to 6300)

4000 XRP at 62c avg                                  2480

5000 XLM at 23c avg                                 1150  (to add 5000 if it drops to 12- 15c)

10 LTC at 140 avg                                        1400

8 ETH at 465 avg                                         3720

Cash                                                              2,805

TOTAL                                                         15,755

For the prior update (April 2), please click here

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