Trading the Risks

We all know that markets carry high uncertainty & risks. Despite that we are all here to win. However, trading is not about being right all the time but about maximizing your wins, cutting your losses & maximizing your overall returns with 3 things –

(a) Adapting a proper trading strategy

(b) Formulating a trade plan that has the right set-up &  an ideal Risk-Reward element

(c) Exercising discipline with Risk Management techniques

If these 3 basic things are taken care of, you can be a winner. I lose 3 out of 10 trades on an average. But when I win, I win big. When I lose, I lose small. But how? Just by adapting a rule based trading system that covers all the three elements listed above.

If you want to learn more about the system I use or about Trading Strategies or about Risk-Managing your trades, please click here 



About Venkat Pulakkad

Entrepreneur, management consultant, blogger & forecaster. Founder of Flourish Research Media that provides insights on markets, trading strategies & risk management. Currently an active trader with 20+ years of experience trading Forex, Stocks & Options. Areas of interest: Trend / Swing trading, Macro-tech analysis, building trading strategies, deploying Risk Management techniques, and helping / coaching traders to become successful traders. Twitter link:      
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