Crypto 15K

The model Crypto 15k Portfolio

The Crypto 15k portfolio was started on Jan 17, 2018.  Fortnightly updates can be found below:

Update 3 (March 16, 2018): Watching the U.S. political and market upheavals – interesting but also scary.

Bitcoin is currently languishing below the 50 & 200 DMA’s. Needs a jump above 9500 to gain some bullish traction.. During the last 2 weeks, sold BTC as it broke below 11,000. Bought back some at 9300 as it hit the 200 DMA (with the hope it would bounce there but it did not). Planning to add more if it drops to the 7500 level or below.

Other buys that got triggered: 1000 XRP at 90c, 1000 XRP at 66c, 5000 XLM at 23c average and 5 LTC at 160. So here is the current portfolio.

0.25 BTC at 9300                                        2325  (planning to add at 7500 & 6300)

2000 XRP at 78c avg                                  1560  (planning to add if it drops to 40 – 45c)

5000 XLM at 23c avg                                 1150  (planning to add if it drops to 12- 14c)

5 LTC at 160                                                  800  (planning to add if it drops to 120)

ETH                                                                 —     (planned buy levels: 500 & 430)

Cash                                                             9,920

TOTAL                                                       15,755

Going forward, I plan to keep the portfolio restricted to only these 5 cryptos – BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP & XLM.


Update 2 (March 4, 2018): Delayed update (Was on overseas travel, now back in the US).

Unwound some more positions (hoping to buy lower in March). Sold 2000 XRP (loss 180), 3000 XLM (broke even) and 2 ZEC (loss 140). No new buys. Current portfolio has just BTC and cash

0.5 Bitcoin (BTC) at 10650  avg                  5325

Cash                                                               10,255

TOTAL                                                           15,580

Update 1 (Feb 16, 2018):  Sold 2 ETH (gain 600) & 5 LTC (gain 300). Holding the other cryptos for now. Current portfolio stands as below:

2000 Ripple (XRP) at 1.12 avg                    2240

3000 Lumen (XLM)  at 0.35                        1050

2 ZCash (ZEC) at 425                                      850

0.5 Bitcoin (BTC) at 10650  avg                  5325

Cash                                                                  6435

TOTAL                                                           15,900


FIRST POST: The model Crypto 15k Portfolio (started on Jan 17 2018)

We met most of the bearish price targets for the Cryptos (except for Ether) that were forecast on Jan 1 2018.. Now I am in the process of constructing a model Crypto portfolio. Let us go with a 15k portfolio and see how it grows (or bleeds) in the next 24 months.

(Beware, my goal is to get to 150K (or 10x) with this but at the same time, I am mentally prepared for a 70 – 80% erosion too. This is just a representative portfolio and not a recommendation).

While I believe the blockchain technology is set to grow leaps and bounds, I think the coin / crypto market is destined to see an upheaval with a host of mediocre players vying for attention, competing with the top cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP. But as I always tell my folks, if you want to play the crypto market, use only money that you can afford to throw away or lose. If you think Bitcoin can go to $100k, also be prepared for the worst – to see it at 1000 or even zero.. Same with every coin as more & more people chase the notional and so-called “scarce” assets in the hope that some of them will become real assets eventually. So it continues to be a poker game = 5% skill, 95% luck.

Components of the Crypto 15K Portfolio (Start date: Jan 17 2018)

2 Ether (ETH) at 780                                    1560

2000 Ripple (XRP) at 1.12 avg                    2240

3000 Lumen (XLM)  at 0.35                        1050

2 ZCash (ZEC) at 425                                      850

0.5 Bitcoin (BTC) at 10650  avg                  5325

5 LiteCoin (LTC) at 150                                  750

Cash (for future buys)                                   3225

TOTAL                                                           15,000

I will be trading  / shuffling this portfolio only once or twice a month (to take advantage of any big moves) & would rather hold all the coins / tokens for the next 24 months. I will update the value of the portfolio twice a month (on the 1st and 16th) or whenever there is a re-shuffle, and post it here. So watch this space!


Here is an excerpt from my 2018 New Year day’s blog posting:

On Jan 1, 2018:

“So here are my forecasts for the major coins IF Bitcoin breaks the 50 DMA: 

BTC (Bitcoin): the 100 DMA zone (9000-9300)

ETH (Ethereum): the 50 DMA zone (540-560)

LTC (Litecoin): The 50 DMA zone (170-180)

XRP (Ripple) – spiked 10x in the last week of December from 20 cents to 2+ dollars. The minimum target now will be its 20 DMA zone (1.10 – 1.20)”

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